Tropical Liqueurs – The best frozen cocktail bars in Columbia, Springfield & now St. Louis MO.

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Columbia Locations – Closed until we can reopen
Springfield Location – Open for walk up to go service with a limited menu.
St. Louis – Closed until we can reopen

With the Coronavirus situation changing daily we will keep everyone up to date on our Facebook pages as to our current status. You can click on the Facebook links above by the phone numbers to be directed to our facebook pages.

151 Rum, Triple Sec, Fruit Punch, Lemonade, & Orange Juice

Tropical Liqueurs has been serving the best frozen cocktails in Columbia and Springfield Missouri for over 2 decades. We have a 4th location that will be opening soon in The Grove neighborhood in St. Louis.  We are very proud of our frozen drinks. Our cocktails are made from scratch at each bar every day using our original recipes.

The cocktails you will find at all Trops locations are as unique as they come, like our Toasted Almond, Tiger Paw, Brain Freeze, Raspberry Lemonade & many more. All of our drinks taste great and go down smoothly, but be aware that they are stronger than most regular cocktails.

We also make sure that the atmosphere at all of our taverns in Columbia and Springfield Missouri will make people of all ages comfortable (everyone over 21).  At Tropical Liqueurs we make great drinks, have a friendly staff, & provide a great place to enjoy your drink with some friends.  We believe that our bars are the best in town, any town.

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